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Information for New Patients

When you walk into Romney Chiropractic, you’ll love our relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Classical music is playing, and beautiful flower arrangements are around, complemented by a soothing décor that will leave you feeling calm and comfortable.


Your First Appointment

Upon your arrival, we’ll have you fill out some forms. Then, a member of our friendly team will bring you back to a room to take your blood pressure, height, weight, test your grip and check your range of motion. Next, Dr. Romney will introduce himself to talk about your history, followed by an orthopedic and neurological examination. If X-rays are needed due to a fall, injury or trauma, we’ll take them on-site. You’ll receive your first adjustment at this time.
This visit takes about a half-hour without X-rays, and about an hour if they are necessary.

Your Second Appointment

When you return, you’ll get a clipboard and go back to an adjusting room. Dr. Romney will come in and see how you’ve felt since we saw you last. He’ll adjust you accordingly and do any therapies that can help you such as ultrasound, decompression, laser or electrical muscle stimulation. Then, you can schedule another appointment.

Following Up

You’ll return until you feel back to normal, at which time you’ll be released from care. Follow-up visits are quick, taking about 15 minutes. The frequency you’ll see us depends on your condition. Some patients need to be seen a couple of times a week until their pain is relieved, while others come in for maintenance care every month or two.

Dr. Romney will go over proper nutrition, exercises complete with instructional sheets and other advice as appropriate so that you can take care of yourself at home and don’t need to see us as often.

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We Work Around YOU!

Once you’ve become a patient, we offer same-day and walk-in appointments for your convenience. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

New Patients at Romney Chiropractic | (520) 625-5776