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Chiropractic Care for Golfers

60% of golfers suffer from low back pain due to improper posture which can advance degeneration disc disease and arthritis. Your golf swing can cause wear and tear of the discs and joints which can increase pain. Chiropractic treatments can decrease the pain by properly aligning the spine and allowing you to continue playing the game you love.

Three main causes of golf injuries include:

  • Poor posture
  • Lack of flexibility or Range of motion
  • Poor swing mechanics

How can Chiropractic care help you with your golf game?

  • When your spine is in proper alignment, you have more range of motion and more flexibility with your backswing and follow thru.
  • Being properly aligned also helps you to have better muscle balance so you can address the ball with the proper pelvic rotation.
  • Along with spinal adjustments, Chiropractic care can help you develop a healthy diet, exercise and stretching routine while you’re preparing for your next golf game.

Dr. Romney is an avid golfer, and knows the common ailments that can haunt the perfect golf game. He has several years of experience working with golfers and helping them with the bio-mechanics of their golf swing, and ultimately helping them to stay in the game. Dr. Romney treats the whole body including the spine and all extremities; he also treats muscle strains or ligament sprains that often occur with repetitive poor swings.

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Call Romney Chiropractic today to schedule your new patient appointment today at (520) 625-5776. When you talk to Dr. Romney, ask him about how K-Laser therapy could benefit you and your golf game as well!


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