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DTS Decompression Traction Table

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Spinal DecompressionThe Triton Traction System, DTS as it is better known, uses gentle intermittent distractive forces creating an unloading and separating of the joints of the spine. DTS has helped thousands and could help you as well. DTS therapy is a non-surgical answer for disc related syndromes of your lumbar or cervical spine. The Triton Traction System uses an alternating or intermittent pull pattern programmed into the DTS computer that facilitates this process.

These pull-relax patterns create a suctioning effect on the disc much like pulling a balloon from both ends, and the middle portion narrows as a result. The goal of DTS therapy is to reduce the pressure on the nerve, most commonly from a herniated or protruding disc. DTS therapy also decreases muscle spasms, muscle guarding, and breaks up adhesions which facilitates increased range of motion and decreased pain. DTS also helps improve blood flow and nutrient exchange at the disc which results in decreased pain, improved healing, and slower degeneration.

DTS therapy is actually based on your comfort and safety!

Unlike traditional treatments, DTS therapy is actually based on your comfort and safety! The force gradually increases over several minutes to a peak force that separates the vertebra and gently stretches the attached soft tissue. You’ll experience several cycles of stretch and relaxation during DTS therapy. Sessions are typically less than 20 minutes and many individuals benefit greatly within the first few treatments.

DTS therapy is the leading alternative to surgery. It is the pain free solution that has shown a very high rate of successfully reducing or even eliminating back or neck pain. If you are in pain, you owe it to yourself to look into the DTS therapy today and see how it may benefit you. Remember, conservative care before surgical care! Typical treatment duration varies between 8-20 visits to resolve low back or neck pain.

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