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About Romney Chiropractic

Dr. Miles Romney has been in practice since 2004 after his graduation from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He sees many different types of patients from all age groups and activity levels, including high school athletes, golfers, pickleball players, older adults, and families in Sahuarita and Green Valley.

We enjoy the privilege of witnessing patients get results from their care with us, seeing them feeling better and returning to doing their daily activities.


An Array of Solutions for Your Healing

In addition to chiropractic care, several other options are available at Romney Chiropractic. These will be recommended to you as part of your care based on your individual needs.

DTS Decompression Traction Table

For disc herniation, neuropathy and radiculopathy, this specialized table is designed to use gentle intermittent forces to help the joints of your spine recover.

When pressure is reduced, we see results such as decreased muscle spasms and the breaking up of adhesions, increased blood circulation, diminished pain and slower degeneration. Learn more…

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Often used in physical therapy offices, this treatment involves the use of a low-level electrical current to reduce inflammation and spasm, often assisting your body in holding the chiropractic adjustment longer. Learn more…

K-laser Therapy

Class IV therapeutic laser treatments offer enhanced pain relief and tissue healing. Used by numerous health care practitioners and professional sports teams, it stimulates cellular energy to increase the movement of nutrients to the body’s cells. Learn more…


Dr. Romney and his family

Dr. Romney and his family


Used for many different conditions, the therapeutic ultrasound helps with pain, inflammation and swelling. It can speed up blood flow to the problem area, giving the effect of a high-tech deep tissue massage. Learn more…

Zerona® Z6 Non-invasive Fat Loss Laser

A noninvasive body contouring procedure using a cold laser, the Zerona Z6 reduces the size of your fat cells, shrinking them to trim inches off of your hips, waist and thighs. Learn more…

Nutrition Counseling

At Romney Chiropractic, we’re ready to create an integrated plan to restore your well-being. Nutrition is a vital part of the picture and works hand in hand with chiropractic to improve the condition of your body. Learn more…

We offer a free consultation with every examination.
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